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How Rivera Surgical Began.

Jose Rivera - Rivera Surgical

2002 – Jose S Rivera Jr. graduates with a surgical technology certificate from Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology. He joins Dr. Robert Zehr as his personal scrub and clinical outcome coordinator at the Cleveland Clinic in Naples, Florida.

2006 – Jose begins working with Dr. Howard J. Kapp as his personal surgical assistant. During his tenure, Dr. Kapp and Jose performed some of the most complex total joint revision surgeries in Naples.

During complicated revision hip surgeries, Jose felt the need for specialized instrumentation to help facilitate removal of primary implants and began thinking of new technologies to advance the surgery.

River Medical Innovations

2019 – Jose formed Rivera Medical Innovations (RMI) with the goal of producing implant specific osteotomes to remove primary hip prosthesis.

Rivera Surgical

2020 –  RMI was dissolved and Jose began the process of finding a new partner with the same passion and vision he has to revolutionize hip revision surgery.

2020 – Jose contacted his brother Gerhard, risk manager at Charles Schwab, for advice. Gerhard analyzed the marketplace and decides to join Jose. Together they form Rivera Surgical LLC.

2020 – They contacted owner and general partner of Randall Growth Partners, Jeff Condello, who believed in Jose and Gerhard’s vision and signed on as the financial partner for Rivera Surgical LLC.


Jose S. Rivera Jr.
President and Co-Founder

Jose has over 18 years of experience in orthopedic surgery with an emphasis on total joint replacement as a surgical assistant. Jose developed the Watson Extraction System™ after seeing the need for a better patient experience with hip surgeries and a passion to revolutionize hip revision surgery.

Gerhard S. Rivera
Vice President and Co-Founder

Gerhard has over 20 years of experience in finance, financial risk and project management. He has partnered with his brother, Jose, after recognizing that the Watson Extraction System™ has the potential to disrupt the hip revision surgery industry.